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More water, better days.

Functional, sustainable, and BPA-free.

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Get hydrated.

3 out of 4 people struggle with chronic dehydration. Designed with functionality and sustainability in mind, The Basal Bottle simply reminds you to drink water.

The Basal Bottle

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It’s time to upgrade to The Basal Bottle. Our functional yet sustainable water bottle acts as a visual reminder to stay hydrated. Drinking more water gets rid of fatigue, boosts your metabolism, clears your skin, and helps with better concentration.

Your new daily ritual.

More water, better days — it's really that simple.

No more dehydration.

Dehydration causes fatigue, foggy memory, irritability, and anxiety. Start by drinking a little water every hour to elevate your body, mind, and soul.

Honestly love the look of this bottle. And I love how it reminds me to drink water! Thanks for making a cool but needed product!

– Danielle C.

I was lucky enough to get the early backer water bottle. This water bottle is so helpful especially as I work from home.

– Michelle S.

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